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Let us help you organize tailor made outdoor activities for you, most of them a short drive or walking distance from the chalet!
Outdoor Activities
VELOUHI Mountain
PROUSSOS Monastery
Black Cave (Trekking & Via Ferrata)
KALIAKOUDA Mountain Peak 2.100m                    
TSOUMA Mountain Peak 1.575m                             
PANTAVREHI Gorge                                            
Rosca-Kastanoula (Kologlepi)
Doliana-Kontiva (Ag. Giorgis)
Rosca Gorge (Technical)                                        
Ag. Theodoroi-Panagia-Aniada Village (5.2km)                    
KRIKELLO Village (Cyclical Trail)                                                  
Krikellopotamos river (Cyclical Trail)   
Ag. Nikolaos (Selo)                            
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